SEO and Copywriting

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

There are many separate signals search engines, such as Google, use to rank your website.

We help you achieve a better position in the search results by looking after your SEO. For example, creating engaging blog articles and reviewing your content whilst on the technical side making sure there are no broken or dead links, various meta data is present, redirects are correctly implemented, etc.

Be clear and tell your visitors what they want to know.

Your website may look great – but you need to engage your customers by giving them relevant content that makes them want to read on. This means using strong, clear headings, an easy-to-follow page structure and bite-sized chunks of compelling text.

We can create your website content, using a tone which accurately reflects your brand and is pitched perfectly at your target audience.

Know exactly what SEO services you get

We have defined a default package below so that you know up front exactly what we promise to do.

  • 1. Identify customers
We will sit down with you and discuss/identify who your target market is and your ideal customers. Where are they? If they were looking for your services, what would they search for? 2. Identify online competitors Research and review their websites and see what they may be doing to place higher than you, for some example search terms, agreed in item 1 above. Define a strategy to rank higher than your competitors. 3. Keyword research Work with you to Identify keywords / keyphrases and alternatives that people would enter into google, when looking for the products and services that you provide. 4. Review current website content This involved several things. a) Improve your business credibility by helping you to have an improved About Us page. Examples of improvements could be work you’ve done, who you are, why you are good, History, Experience. You may include Mission statements, Company details... things that give you real credibility. b) Have our Copy writer review and help you improve and expand and add / supplement to weak or short content. This is so that more words and details can be published, in line with the searches people are doing, so that you stand better chances of being included in those search results. 5. Provide a 6 or 12 month Calendar of Content These would be various forms of content, from topics, that would be published either once or twice per month. a) Determine relevant topics to write about, so that this provides regular definite fresh new content. You may have important times of the year or legislation events that you can use. b) The content generated for your review will be in line with the important keywords, so that the content stands the best chances of being found, read and acted upon. The content would be some of the following areas, and not all the same, so as to give width, depth and coverage so you stand better chances of being found. Areas of: Service & Product related, Case Studies, Testimonials detailing positive product and service feedback, Industry information, Legal or legislative important things that affect your industry that people may search on, things that someone who would buy your services would be interested in. All focused content written by our experienced Copy writer, who would work with you to agree content before publishing it (via our Technical team). 6. Write 1 or 2 pieces of content per month These would not be 140 or 280 characters... but proper 400+ word documents that could then be linked to from Social Media. (Hence why we need to understand customers, and what they search for in items 1, 2 and 3 above). A Minimum of 1 Blog item per month is best, but initially content like products and services need to be worked up so that you can be found efficiently for what you do. 7. Social media sharing Share blog article or other website pages once a week on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. These shares would also have search relevant words.. so again, they stand good chances of being included in Googles Search terms. 8. Technical SEO package What does this actually mean..... a) Ensuring your Website has timely and up to date security patches, to make it as secure as possible and reduce the risk of it being compromised. (There are millions of attempts daily to hack, damage, deface and load viruses and malware onto websites). b) Making sure that what ever content you have on the website is coded correctly so that it displays to readers correctly. c) Making sure that what ever content you have on the website is connected together correctly and that links between all the pages work d) When you provide us with Content (Words, Pictures, Videos, and other media) we will convert the content into a web page that looks good and is coded technically correctly, so that google sees this page favourably and hence indexes it correctly. If it is indexed correctly by google, then this can be shown in Google Search results pages on Google’s sites. e) We will check that your company is listed using exactly the same name, address in multiple places, eg Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, where ever possible, so that citations are consistent. f) Check frequently (minumum 2 times per month) how google lists your business and that things are in order. g) Technically fix any problems on your website, or hosting, or the web server that runs your site, ie technically keep and ensure your website is running correctly. The actual Technical SEO activities: Optimise blog and webpages Considering: a. Page titles b. Page descriptions c. Page linking internal / external d. Broken links e. Compression and caching f. Alt text and meta data g. Updating website plugins h. Updating website platform (WordPress) i. 1 Security scan per month j. Citation checking and update where possible k. Monitor google local pack listing l. Fix any technical issues with website

Our copy-writing services:

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