Web Domains and Hosting

We manage your website domains, email records and registrations including migrations.

Whether you're creating your first website or transferring from another supplier we can take control of your domain management and ensure your DNS records get setup or transferred correctly, including your MX records (email records).

It can take time for internet servers to copy your settings across the internet so we make sure it's done right first time as mistakes can lead to unnecessary prolonged downtime.

Domain purchasing and management can also be included as part of a website hosting package.

We can also advise on purchasing the right domain name which will help with your brand recognition and support brand unification.

100% UK based Hosting

UK based data centres

Our data centres are based in the UK which means better latency higher trust for your website visitors and enhanced rankings in UK search engines for your website.

Domain hosting is where your domain name—your website address—is located. These are records telling visitors where your website is hosted.

Web hosting allows you to create and store content, like a website, on servers conected to the Internet.

You can have your website and your internet records with different hosts.